Ubuntu Global Jam Brazil 2013

Last saturday we have performed the Ubuntu Global Jam on Brazil. All the event was virtual, following the same format of the Ubuntu on air, where we had a hangout that was being transmited via YouTube and people talked to us via IRC.

We had an audience of about five hundred people on YouTube and about one hundred on #ubuntu-br IRC channel during this Global Jam. The event was great and I like to thank each person that was present to help and make the Brazilian jam perfect. And in special I like to thank the guys that without them our event would not have been so good: Ivan Brasil Fuzzer, Tiago Salem Herrmann, and Zandre Bran :-)

Ubuntu Global Jam Brazil 2013

Dedicated page for Ubuntu Global Jam Brazil 2013 on Ubuntu Brazilian Community website

You wasn’t able to watch the Global Jam on last saturday? No worries, you can watch the conference on the video published at the end of this text :-)

To finish I like to thank Randall Ross for send some emails asking and supporting the Ubuntu Global Jam on Brazil :-)


Click here to read IRC conversation log from the day of the Global Jam.

YouTube Video

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